Ron Zima ADpPR

Ron is a former cross-Canada radio / TV host and creator of IDLE FREE for our kids®, a cause which began at his kid’s elementary school in 2006.

Today, he is recognized as the expert on idle reduction behavior modification, certification and branding for fleet operators. His enterprise, GoGreen Communications Inc. are the leaders in helping fleet managers transform driver beliefs and behaviors on idling an engine. Any engine.

GoGreen is now engaged with fleet operators in the U.S. and Canada, winning enthusiastic feedback for IDLE FREE for our kids® for Fleets.

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The award-winning content on GoGreen’s eLearning management system has proven:

  • *Highly engaging and effective with >80% of audiences.
  • *Highly adaptable to a work fleet environment.
  • *To cost a fraction of either doing nothing or expensive idle reduction technologies.
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Ron (far right) with eLearning utility fleet graduates.