Yes! We want a no-cost Idle Reduction Opportunity Assessment™.

How much will your fleet operations save with the GoGreen idle reduction program?

Estimate your fleet’s fuel and CO2 savings opportunity in four steps with GoGreen’s Idle Reduction Opportunity Assessment™ estimator tool and GoGreen’s team of idle reduction experts. Here’s how.

1. Before our meeting, provide GoGreen your fleet idle characteristics: by grouping fleet vehicles with similar idle characteristics, fuel type and average fuel burn while determining any vehicles to exclude from the model.

2. When we’re on our live call, we’ll apply up-to-date fuel pricing from the U.S. EIA (energy information administration).

3. Together we will determine the range of controllable driver idle.

4. Together we will determine the range of potential program savings.

RESULT = Total savings less program cost and CO2 reduction in tons.

This can be accomplished in a 60 minute call once GoGreen Communications has a better understanding of the operator’s ‘fleet characteristics’ information.


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