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for our kids® for Fleets

This eLearning is designed for fleet managers who want to transform driver beliefs and behavior on idling an engine to: *Save fuel. *Save Maintenance and downstream costs. *Save GHG emissions and improve air quality.

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Course Description

Professional or vocational drivers who take this eLearning will acquire knowledge, beliefs and habits that save fuel, while reducing carbon emissions, exhaust pollution, and added maintenance and lifecycle costs in both their personal vehicle(s) and work vehicle(s).

Earning an IDLE FREE for our kids® Certificate will demonstrate an individual’s commitment to idle reduction skills. These skills are valued highly by corporate fleets seeking to:

  • Reduce fuel and downstream costs.
  • Be seen as health and environmental leaders in business and the communities they serve.

Going IDLE FREE can act as a ‘keystone habit’ for other eco-driving beliefs and behaviors: reducing speed, harsh acceleration and braking.


Ron Zima ADpPR

Ron is a former cross-Canada radio / TV host and creator of IDLE FREE for our kids®, a cause which began at his kid’s elementary school in 2006.

Today, he is recognized as the expert on idle reduction behavior modification, certification and branding for fleet operators. His enterprise, GoGreen Communications Inc. are the leaders in helping fleet managers transform driver beliefs and behaviors on idling an engine. Any engine.

GoGreen is now engaged with fleet operators in the U.S. and Canada, winning enthusiastic feedback for IDLE FREE for our kids® for Fleets. The award-winning content on GoGreen’s eLearning management system has proven: *Highly engaging and effective with >80% of audiences. *Highly adaptable to a work fleet environment. *To cost a fraction of either doing nothing or expensive idle reduction technologies.

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I think this program would be highly effective for the City of Durham.
Dion Brown

Simple but highly effective

I was intrigued by the fact that children can reach out and make us fill that we need to do more to help with the health of our people and our planet. The simple but highly effective drawings are a great example.

Earl Warren
Idle Free

Good overall presentation.

Andy Smith